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Seminci - 2016
Seminci - 2016

Edition 2016

Type : Festival longs et courts métrages
Thème : Festival international
Lieu : Espagne
Période : duau

Présentation de l'édition 2016

The Festival consists of the following sections

a) OFFICIAL, offering a panorama of current international cinema. The feature-lengths and shorts in this section may participate either in or out of competition.
b) MEETING POINT, a competitive parallel showcase of first and second fiction films worthy of special attention for their subject matter or style. Short films are also programmed.
c) TIME OF HISTORY, a competitive section for documentaries.
d) DOC. SPAIN, a competitive section for Spanish documentaries.
e) SHORTS FROM CASTILE & LEON, a competitive section for shorts made or produced in the region, or made by directors who were born or live there.
f) FEATURES FROM CASTILE & LEON, a non-competitive showcase of fiction feature-lengths or documentaries either made or produced in the region or by directors born there.
g) SIDEBARS, devoted to the presentation and analysis of directors, genres, styles, a nation's cinema, cinema and wine, etc.
h) SEMINCI JOVEN, a competitive section of films for a teenage public (12 to 18 year- olds)

i) MINIMINCI, a non-competitive showcase of films for 7 to 12 year-olds.


All films entered for the OFFICIAL, MEETING POINT, TIME OF HISTORY and DOC. SPAIN sections must comply with the following conditions:

a) They must be no more than twelve months old by October 2016 and must be Spanish premieres (no previous commercial, online, DVD, video or TV screening in Spain).

b) They must not have been screened at any other film festival in Spain, neither in nor out of competition, nor have been presented in any kind of event.

c) Formats acceptable for screening during the event depend on the installations of the venues where the film will be screened.

Films participating in the Official Section should preferably be DCP, although, exceptionally, 35mm may be possible.
Films participating in all other sections can be DCP, 35mm, Digibeta or HDCAM (standard).

Either the producers or the person submitting the film should provide the technical team of the Festival (tecnica@seminci.com) with the appropriate KDMs for each screening venue. The Festival will not cover the costs of generating these keys.

Films will be screened in their original language version with Spanish or English subtitles. In the second case, a transcript of the subtitles/dialogue list and a DVD of the film must be supplied beforehand in order to permit preparation of electronic subtitles in Spanish.

d) Films submitted may be feature-lengths or shorts. Films over 60 minutes will be considered feature-lengths. Short films must not exceed a running time of 30 minutes.

Awards and Juries

An International Jury will decide the winners of the following awards from those feature-lengths and shorts selected for participation in competition in the OFFICIAL SECTION. None of these awards may be declared void:

* GOLDEN SPIKE and SILVER SPIKE with cash awards of 6.000 € and 3.000 €, respectively, for the director of each film.

* 'EFA SHORT FILM NOMINEE VALLADOLID 2016' Award. The director of the best European short will receive 2.000 €, and the film is automatically nominated as one of the finalists for the European Film Academy Short Film Award.

Only one joint prize is permitted within the Awards to feature-lengths and one within the shorts category. Cash prizes, in this case, will be split equally. The 'EFA Short Film Nominee' prize cannot be awarded jointly.

A Jury of three professionals will award a prize for the BEST FEATURE and one for the BEST FOREIGN SHORT in the MEETING POINT section. The director of the feature will receive 15.000 € and the director of the short 3.000 €. The subsection 'A Night of Spanish Shorts' will have a separate cash award of 3.000 € for the director of the winning film, also awarded by the Jury.

SEMINCI JOVEN: A Prize of 6.000 € is awarded to the director of the winning film, according to the votes of the young spectators.

A Jury of three professionals will award a prize of 20.000 € to the filmmaker of the BEST DOCUMENTARY in the TIME OF HISTORY section. The Jury will also award a SECOND PRIZE of 10,000 €, also for the filmmaker. All prizes must be conferred.

Another Jury of three Spanish professionals will award a prize of 6.000 € to the filmmaker of the BEST DOCUMENTARY in the DOC. SPAIN section.

Prize winners

Award-winning films must feature the festival logo specifying the award won in Valladolid on all posterior prints, DVDs or Blu-rays of the film and on all publicity material.

Submission guidelines

Valladolid International Film Festival does not charge entry fees and films should be submitted as follows:

Films being submitted for preview by the Selection Committee

An entry form must be filled in for each submission. This is available on the Festival web page: www.seminci.es

For preview purposes, films can be sent via a secure link to: festvalladolid@seminci.com or a DVD screener with Spanish, English or French subtitles can be sent by courier to the Festival Office before June 30th, 2016. Remember to attach or include a completed entry form.

Due to the large volume of DVDs received, the Festival is unable to return screeners. If your submission is successful you will be informed by the beginning of September.

Films already officially invited by the Selection Committee
a) The invitation sent for each film selected by the Festival must remain strictly confidential between the Festival management and the participant until the Festival makes an official announcement to this regard.

b) A fully completed entry form together with a DVD and a transcript of the subtitles/dialogue list of the film should be sent to the Festival Office.

c) Prints should be forwarded by courier to:

Calle Leopoldo Cano, s/n.

The Festival must be informed of transport details immediately afterwards. All prints should ideally arrive before October 1st, 2016.

d) Press material and publicity for each film must also reach the Festival Office by October 1st. A press-book, stills and a three-minute trailer should be sent electronically for insertion on the Festival web page. 10 posters should be sent by post to the festival office.


Palmarès (2 films, 2 prix décernés)

Il Silenzio (Le Silence)


Épi d'or du meilleur court-métrage : Il Silenzio (Le Silence)

Po Čovika (Half a Man)


Prix du meilleur court-métrage Point de rencontre : Po Čovika (Half a Man)

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