Festival du film d'animation de Séoul

TypeFestival longs et courts métrages


LieuCorée du Sud



    Présentation de l'événement

    Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival (SICAF) started in 1995. At that time, it was sponsored by Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Korean and supported by Korea Animation Producers Association. The goal of SICAF is to change the public paradigm about cartoon and animation and maximize the economic effect of the business related with cartoon and animation.

    SICAF meets the needs of cultural content age in the 21st century. It accommodates not only cartoon and animation content but also the related content such as game, character, theme park, internet new media, interactive art, etc. to broaden its horizon.

    Bringing together the content from all around the world, SICAF is building the bridge to connect the different business areas for the development of diverse industries. SICAF is the only festival in Korea that accommodates cartoon and animation in one spot and one of the TOP 5 festivals in the world and it is the only hub festival that brings together art, technology, education and industry as the largest festival in Asia.

    SICAF celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2016! And we welcome all the people at home and abroad who share our love for cartoons, animations as well as hallyu (Korea Wave) to SICAF 2016. All your concerns and participation will be appreciated.

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    Contact UniFrance: Yann Raymond

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