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Activités : Distributeur (court-métrage)

    Présentation de la société

    Promofest is a platform for promoting and distributing audiovisual works at international festivals. Thanks to our wide network of contacts we can distribute each work without having to waste time, efforts and money.
    We get the works shown worldwide, opting for the best awards and obtaining the best possible repercussion. With our experience no opportunities are lost because of insufficient planning, achieving an optimum output in the distribution estimates.

    We handle each work individually, preparing a specific plan for each one:
    - Assessment in preparing the promotional material
    - Preparing a personalized distribution strategy
    - Selecting the festivals where each work adapts the best
    - Sending each work in tune with each festival’s requirements
    - Monitoring the results obtained

    Since 1992, Promofest has been promoting and distributing films to festivals worldwide. Fiction, animation, experimental and documentary films, all kind of films make up our catalogue. Throughout these years, the works of the companies we represent have been selected and won prizes at more than 1.000 international festivals.


    These are our rates (TAX included):

    - 25 festivals: 140 €
    - 50 festivals: 265 €
    - 100 festivals: 500 €
    - 200 festivals: 950 €
    - 300 festivals: 1350 €
    - 500 festivals: 2125 €
    - 750 festivals: 3000 €
    - 1000 festivals: 3750 €


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