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Mediawave - Rencontre internationale de cinéma et musique de Fort Monostor - Komárom - 2017
Mediawave - Rencontre internationale de cinéma et musique de Fort Monostor - Komárom - 2017

Mediawave - Rencontre internationale de cinéma et musique de Fort Monostor - Komárom
Edition 2017

Type : Festival longs et courts métrages
Thème : Festival international
Lieu : Hongrie
Période : duau

  • Sommaire

Présentation de l'édition 2017

Entry Regulations:

1. General information
- The number of entries and their duration are not limited.

- The languages of the Festival are English and Hungarian. Films sent to the preview jury and also got into the festival programme, need to have English subtitles. The dialogue list of films of any other languages, also those of films with English subtitles, should be sent to MEDIAWAVE before the preview selection starts. Dialogue list and subtitles will be translated for the Hungarian audience.

2. Entry Form
- There is no entry fee. The preview copies sent to the Festival will not be posted back; they will be filed in the archives of the Festival.

- The applicant is responsible for the costs of sending the DVD.
- Please complete the entry form in English or Hungarian only! The entry form should be printed. If you enter more than one film, please use a separate form for each work.
- Entry forms must be completed, uploaded and printed, signed and submitted before 10 January, 2017* along with the Preview DVD; Poster and booklet (if available). The films can also be uploaded.

- Password for online uploading will be sent to the e-mail address given on the entry form after we received the submission.

- We accept online screener link as well (Vimeo, Youtube, ..., etc.).

- All international deliveries must be marked as below:
No commercial value / Non-pornographic / For cultural purposes only


3. Formats recommended for online uploading:

- In case of Standard Definition (SD) digital record formats (Professional DV, miniDV, Digital8, DVCAM etc.) MPEG-2 PAL DV compression if possible

- In case of High Definition (HD) digital record formats (HDV 720p, HDV 1080i és egyéb HD) MPEG-4 H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) compression if possible

4. Dispatch of the screening copies (applicable only if the film is selected into any of the screening programs)
- The Festival is not able to pay any rental or screening fee.

- The screening copies must arrive in Hungary before 10 April, 2017 and must be available for the Festival until 2 May, 2017.
- The films must be sent prepaid. The Festival will only pay the return transportation charges.
- Since 2013 we switched to the to the best quality digital cinema projection available to us. (In Hungary, the art cinemas using traditional screening techniques are going to cease to exist soon.)


5. Entry Categories


- Films and videos, feature, short fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, dance, music, image/sound experimental works, musical works presented in any form or system may be entered.

- Any production (film and video) or performances (archaic folk music and rituals or their modern creative interpretations) may be entered that reflect ethnic, religious, musical, sexual and other aspects of small communities, ethnic groups, spiritual or other communities.

"Dusty Reels"
- Films that were once swept away by history's storms and were not presented due to isolation, political or economic reasons, or only a limited number of people could have seen them but not the general public, or were put back into their boxes after a few showings. We are searching for imprints of disappeared worlds, for films preserving their artistic value despite the passing of time.


Special themes: "REFORMation"

We expect films that present reforming and renewing endeavours of any groups or religions or stories of restarting people and reformed walks of lives. We still look forward to the reformers of film expression. We also gladly welcome the anti-globalisation and environmental conscious reformers as well as the cultural propagators with new approaches.


„On the Road” Online Film Festival

- The films submitted in „On the Road” Online Film Festival category will be selected by a preview jury by the end of January 2017. The films in the program then will be available on the website of the festival between 1 March and 28 April.


6. Entry Deadline : 10 January, 2017*

Please, send the film copy and the entry form to the following address: MEDIAWAVE 2017 - "ANOTHER CONNECTION", H-9001, 9022 Győr, Apáca u. 38., Hungary. Or upload it in digital format to the site given in the answer e-mail.

*Packages must be postmarked by 10 January, 2016.


7. Data release

The online data entries and texts - except personal data - will be available on the website of the festival automatically after the process, where the entry and the receipt of the copy/upload can be followed. We do not send a detached notice.

8. Screenings
MEDIAWAVE Festival reserves the right to use the whole or excerpts of the films selected by the preview jury as promotion for non-commercial purpose in different areas of media for presentation and educational screenings and to use excerpts of the film for promotion on the festival’s web-site (max 3 min. for long films, max 10% of the total length for shorts)
Films selected by the preview jury will be screened at the expected Central East European venues of the festival.

Palmarès (3 films, 2 personnes, 4 prix décernés)

La Laine sur le dos


Prix de la meilleure fiction : La Laine sur le dos

Robin  Dimet


Prix du meilleur réalisateur compétition en ligne : Robin Dimet
pour Gare de nuit

John  Craine


Prix de la meilleure photographie compétition en ligne : John Craine
pour Gare de nuit



Mention spéciale film de fiction : Bêlons

Sélections en festivals (16 films, 2 sélections)

L'équipe (2)

Autres éditions (11)


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