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Festival de cinéma de Badalona (Filmets) - 2016
Festival de cinéma de Badalona (Filmets) - 2016

Festival de cinéma de Badalona (Filmets)
Edition 2016

Type : Festival court-métrage
Thème : Festival international
Lieu : Espagne
Période : duau

  • Sommaire

Présentation de l'édition 2016


Participation is open to all short films that have never been screened at the Official Section of FILMETS Badalona Film Festival.

Registration process will be done on line or in person at the offices of Badalona Comunicació SA, as set forth in the technical conditions of these rules.


The short films will be incorporated to the library of the Festival. Works selected in the Official Section, and therefore in the official program of the Festival, may be projected in FILMETS' program, produced by Televisió de Badalona.

Short films awarded, in Filmets Badalona Film Festival, with Venus of Badalona awards will be granted the rights for two projections, if needed, to be broadcasted in Televisió de Catalunya.

Participation in the Festival, and therefore acceptance of the rules, involves these broadcast rights with no other requirement necessary.

The Organization reserves the right to the total or partial use of the short films of the Official Section, always without any commercial or economic purposes; their use will only be for promotion or diffusion purposes of the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to publish in Internet and on Social Networks a trailer or a fragment of 30 seconds maximum of each short film of the Official Section. Participants will also grant rights for these purposes.

For the official publication of the catalogue, once the registration has been made, participants must send a minimum of two full-resolution photos via email. Also it is possible to present any other documentation deemed of interest (billboards, flyers...).

The Organising Committee can resolve any question not covered in the rules. The decision of the Organising Committee will be final.


Films that have a direct connection with the city of Badalona, either in artistic or technical level, will be considered as Badalona's productions. The award for best production of Badalona will be awarded to one of the films from Badalona selected in the international festival program.

21st to 31st October 2016 in Teatro Zorrilla and other venues of the Festival. The International Official Jury (specialized and public panels) will decide the awarding of prizes and subsequent ceremony on 29th October 2016 at 22 p.m. in Teatro Zorrilla, Badalona.

The Organising Committee shall appoint the members of the International Official Jury, formed by five people related to the cinema, audiovisual or culture sectors. The Selection and Programming Committee will watch the registered materials and will choose the selection of productions nominated so that the International Official Jury and others specialized juries can evaluate them. Els Amics del Teatre Zorrilla will grant the awards to best male & female performances. Els Amics de la Música de Badalona will grant the award to best original music. Fede.cat-Organitzacions per la Justicia Global will grant the award to promoting human rights. The audience in the Festival will grant the Audience award.

Badalona and € 2,500 - Best film award
Badalona and € 1,250 - Jury's special award
Badalona and € 1,000 - Audience award
Badalona and € 750 - Best animation film award
Badalona and € 1,000 - Best film produced in Badalona award Badalona and € 750 - Best Catalan production award Badalona and € 750 - Best Spanish production award Badalona and € 750 - Best European Union production award Badalona and € 750 - Promoting human rights award Badalona - Best male & female awards

Badalona - Best visual effects award Badalona - Best original music award

of the prizes in cash shall be subject to the charge of the corresponding taxes in each case.

Participation in the Festival implies the total acceptance of these rules.

Registration is free and must be done on line at: www.festivalfilmets.cat or in person at Badalona Comunicació SA (c/ Sant Agustí 11, 0915 Badalona).

Films must be sent before 15th June 2016

FILMETS Badalona Film Festival C/ Sant Agustí, 11
08915- Badalona (Barcelona) ESPAÑA

Phone +34 93 497 40 00 Fax +34 93 497 40 02



Films can be shot in any format.

In order to participate, films must be sent via link through on line inscription at FILMETS' website for pre-selection on the official section of the Festival. http://www.festivalfilmets.cat/en/contacte/inscripcion-2016/

If the film is selected, the Organising Committee will request a high quality clean copy without subtitles.

Maximum resolution for projections in the Festival is 1920x1080 (1080p); minimum resolution 1280x720 (720p).

Video files received for screening must be:

• File extension: file format must be *.mov or *.mp4.
• Video codec: video codec must be AppleProRes 422 or H264/MPEG-4 AVC.
• Audio codec: audio codec must be AAC or PCM.
• Resolution in pixels: maximum 1920x1080 (1080 p); minimum 1280x720 (720 p).

The Organising Committee reserves the right to recode the original image and adapt it to ensure the projection and the maximum possible quality.

Files must be sent to filmets@festivalfilmets.cat via Wetransfer or Dropbox link, but it is also possible to upload them via the Festival's FTP. In addition, files can be sent in a USB key or external hard disk, which should be returned after the festival.

The copy of the film must be clean, with no subtitles or subtitled in Spanish or Catalan.

In the event that the film doesn't have subtitles in Spanish or Catalan, a clean copy must be sent with the synchronised subtitles file or a complete list with the dialogue transcription in English, French or German.
The Festival will translate and subtitle the film into Catalan.

Distributors and producers may also provide access to their FTP to download the original file with the highest quality.

Films must not be longer than 30 minutes.


Sélections en festivals (33 films, 1 sélection)


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